The Quality dashboard will be deprecated in favour of Periscope and GitLab Insights. For more info please see the deprecation plan.
Last updated: 24 February 2020 02:31 UTC
Percentage Open Bugs Severitized
Percentage Open Bugs Prioritized

Open Bugs by Severity

Open Bugs by Priority

Completed Deliverables vs non-Deliverables Per Milestone

Displays number of closed issues with vs without the `Deliverable` and `Delivery` label grouped by their milestone

Missed Deliverables Per Milestone

Displays number of open issues with the `missed-deliverable` and `Delivery` label grouped by their `missed:milestone` label

Regressions Per Milestone

Displays number of open issues with the `regression` and `Delivery` label grouped by their `regression:milestone` label

Weekly Throughput

Displays number of merged MRs per week for the `Delivery` team grouped by MR categories. These MRs could have been merged to any branch, not only `master`. The date used to place in a period is the date that the MR was actually merged. At the weekly level, we go back 12 weeks (1 quarter period).

Monthly Throughput

Displays number of merged MRs per month for the `Delivery` team grouped by MR categories. These MRs could have been merged to any branch, not only `master`. The date used to place in a period is the date that the MR was actually merged. At the monthly level, we go back 24 months (2 year period)

Cumulative open bugs by priority

Displays number of open bugs created over time grouped by their priority label for the `Delivery` label

Open bugs by create month/priority

Displays number of open bugs created in a particular month for the `Delivery` label

Closed bugs by month/priority

Displays number of closed bugs closed in a particular month for the `Delivery` label

Bugs Opened vs Closed Per Month

Displays number of bugs opened and closed each month for the `Delivery` label

Group views

This is a group view. It combines the data available for nested projects listed below. Some of these projects will be navigable, some may be hidden from view. This depends on where they were imported from. If you have any questions please raise them in #quality-insights channel.

Associated project-level views

omnibus-gitlab team gitlab-runner team gitlab-ui team gitlab-pages team gitlab-workhorse team gitlab-shell team gitaly team gitaly-proto team gitlab-development-kit team gitlab-qa team takeoff team release-tools team security-products/sast team security-products/dast team security-products/dependency-scanning team security-products/analyzers/eslint team security-products/analyzers/gemnasium-fork team security-products/analyzers/gemnasium-maven team security-products/analyzers/gemnasium-python team security-products/analyzers/gemnasium team security-products/analyzers/retire.js team security-products/analyzers/bundler-audit team security-products/analyzers/find-sec-bugs-groovy team security-products/analyzers/gosec team security-products/analyzers/nodejs-scan team security-products/analyzers/security-code-scan team security-products/analyzers/find-sec-bugs-sbt team security-products/analyzers/phpcs-security-audit team security-products/analyzers/find-sec-bugs-gradle team security-products/analyzers/brakeman team security-products/analyzers/bandit team security-products/analyzers/flawfinder team security-products/analyzers/common team security-products/analyzers/go-ast-scanner team security-products/analyzers/find-sec-bugs team security-products/clair-scanner team security-products/ci-templates team security-products/gitlab-depscan team security-products/license-management team security-products/gemnasium/legacy team security-products/gemnasium/client team security-products/gemnasium/standalone team security-products/gemnasium/web team security-products/gemnasium/semver team security-products/gemnasium/secrets team security-products/gemnasium/schema team security-products/gemnasium/resolver team security-products/gemnasium/registry-tracker team security-products/gemnasium/registry-syncer team security-products/gemnasium/pgcli team security-products/gemnasium/package-syncer team security-products/gemnasium/nsqcli team security-products/gemnasium/maven-index-reader team security-products/gemnasium/migrations team security-products/gemnasium/logcli team security-products/gemnasium/croncli team security-products/gemnasium/api team gitlabktl team distribution/gitlab-provisioner team gitlab-omnibus-builder team gitaly-bench team sidekiq-reliable-fetch team omniauth-ldap team cluster-integration/auto-build-image team labkit-ruby team labkit team prometheus-client-mmap team prometheus-storage-migrator team gitlab-triage team gitlab-build-images team csslab team gitlab_kramdown team build/CNG team gitlab-svgs team gitlab-design team gitlab-insights team gitter/troupeobjccommon team gitter/gitter-markdown-processor team gitter/gitter-ios-app team gitter/desktop team gitter/styleguide team gitter/sidecar team gitter/gitter-translations team gitter/gitter-android-app team gitter/webapp team quality/staging team quality/triage-ops team cluster-integration/helm-install-image team charts/auto-deploy-app team charts/components/gitlab-operator team customers-gitlab-com team fulfillment team license-gitlab-com team security-products/container-scanning team security-products/gemnasium-db team security-products/tests/python-pipenv team security-products/tests/elixir-phoenix team security-products/tests/container-scanning team security-products/tests/secrets team gitlab-services/ team charts/gitlab team gitlab-foss team gitlab team security-products/tests/typescript-yarn team security-products/tests/js team security-products/tests/inkscape team security-products/tests/damn-vulnerable-spring-boot-app team security-products/tests/java-gradle team security-products/tests/java-groovy team security-products/tests/webgoat team security-products/tests/scala-sbt team security-products/tests/common team security-products/tests/sast team security-products/tests/go team security-products/tests/cplusplus team security-products/tests/c team security-products/tests/java-maven-multimodules team security-products/tests/ruby-bundler_js-yarn team security-products/tests/ruby-bundler-rails team security-products/tests/python-pip team security-products/tests/php-composer team security-products/tests/ruby-bundler team security-products/tests/js-npm team security-products/tests/java-maven team security-products/tests/js-yarn team cluster-integration/auto-deploy-image team gitlab-exporter team